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My Busa-




The Busa had some surgery and has come thru it very well. busamotorout2.jpg (57947 bytes)
busamotorout3.jpg (63414 bytes) busamotorout1.jpg (65532 bytes)




Dyno Runs @ Synergy Race Systems  
Vidego-  Here  
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    My 05 Busa in the Sunshine.

Some of the Mods can be seen in the pics.


 I found an onlinefiche form for the Busa.  The last year avaiable is the 03 but it will work fine. Click Here



ezbusa17.jpg (238378 bytes)

This is a Pic of the LED turn sigs inset  into the rear passenger pegs. They act as running lights and are switched off and on to signal direction.


ezbusa18.jpg (67270 bytes) 

Just a view from behind, the 1st hump cover we made is on the bike, the new ones will have logos on them.  The running lights are off, I forgot to take a pic in the daylight.


ezbusa19.jpg (112604 bytes)


Before  sun118b.jpg (50457 bytes)   ezbusa20.jpg (106819 bytes)  After

Here you can see the graphics have been remove from the lowers and nose cone. 


ezbusa22.jpg (61712 bytes) 

This is a pics of the LED front running lights, Since the 05 has clear sig lenses all I had to do was add the LED's and a switch. The one Mod I will undo is the purple light rope I put into the intakes. It is not bright enuf to see at all. 




These pics are after the fender chop but before the removal of the Stock turn sigs and the addition of the LED sigs


After  ezbusa21.jpg (83407 bytes)


Here is a pic of my Race stand and the Custom Neoprene cover I made for it. The stand needed the cover in order not to scratch the fender and nose.


  Here are some goodies I got from Pro Machine .

Click Here to see it being installed

If u need anything from Jack at Pro Machine, tell him EZ sent ya!

  Stock (about to be disassembled


  The Busa was dropped 1 inch in the front and 2.5 in the back


Here it is as of 1.20.05


     Here are a couple pics of my latest mods. I put on Competition Werkes slash cut pegs. They gave a bout .5 inch more clearance and aren't as heavy or ugly as the stock pegs. I had to get a brass shim from lowes to make them fit properly. After they went on, I I had to adjust the brake and shift levers to the new height. In these pics they look a little bit skewed down, they are set perfect though.


I bought a Garmin etrex GPS. I already had 2 other hand helds but I use them on the boat and they are huge compared to the etrex. I had a guy bend a piece of Al and I cut it to to to shape to mount the GPS. Then painted it and took a GPS holder from one of the other handhelds and made a perfect stand for the etrex.


     I also went ahead and put on the new Speigler SS braided brake line on the rear.



ezbusa41.jpg (75814 bytes)     ezbusa40.jpg (41799 bytes)


ezbusa43.jpg (60329 bytes)   ezbusa44.jpg (33201 bytes)

 ezbusa45.jpg (39978 bytes)

Here are some of the Purple LED's That I put on, these highlight the Kanji res covers


ezbusa42.jpg (42723 bytes)

These are forward pointing purple LED's that highlight the soon to be powder coated rearsets


Here are some pics of the front brake line installation.


ezbusa31.jpg (68806 bytes)          ezbusa32.jpg (51409 bytes)


After..... Actually not that hard to do.

ezbusa32.jpg (45769 bytes)          ezbusa33.jpg (40410 bytes)


Here is part of the "Small Box Mod" I removed th crankcase vent hose from the airbox and put on a little breather.

ezbusa30.jpg (50805 bytes)          ezbusa29.jpg (44113 bytes)


I painted the rearsets and the passenger pegs.

ezbusa31.jpg (53188 bytes)

ezbusa32.jpg (61126 bytes)

ezbusa33.jpg (80093 bytes)


Just Got some stuff done to the Busa...

New Renthal 43T rear sprocket, New 530 ZVM chain, EBC HH pads all the way around, and went ahead and switched to Amsoil Synth 10w40

ezbusa35.jpg (71485 bytes)     ezbusa36.jpg (115854 bytes)     ezbusa34.jpg (113059 bytes)

And when I got it home I installed the Speed Hut Indiglo guages.

They are supposed to be purple, but they kinda are blue, it looks good anyway. I wouldn't do this again, at least by my self. I would send them off, it was a pain in the butt.

ezbusa39.jpg (76443 bytes)   ezbusa38.jpg (72716 bytes)



Here are some pics of the New Camera Mount

We will be selling this Camera Mount  On This Website

ezbusa46.jpg (61750 bytes)     ezbusa48.jpg (90123 bytes)   lot135.jpg (57458 bytes)



   Here are some pics of my newly painted front fender, I really wanted to get that grey fender off and make the entire bottom of the bike black.

ezbusa49.jpg (63496 bytes)   ezbusa50.jpg (65525 bytes)   

ezbusa51.jpg (68121 bytes)   ezbusa52.jpg (62051 bytes)








My new 05 Busa. Look at the 1 on the odometer! Well this is before the first wash and REALLY good wax job. I already removed the suzuki sticker from the nose, I might start taking the stickers off tonite. More to come....

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ezbusa5.jpg (488122 bytes) ezbusa6.jpg (444025 bytes)
ezbusa7.jpg (485012 bytes) ezbusa8.jpg (438715 bytes)
ezbusa9.jpg (475529 bytes)  
sun127.jpg (746281 bytes) sun128.jpg (626712 bytes)
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sun119.jpg (448171 bytes) sun118.jpg (463967 bytes)


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