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     Here are some pics from Bike Week 2009 -Pics Here-CLICK

This is a test



     Here are some pics from a day up in NPR-Pics Here-CLICK




     More riding at Croom  Pics Here-CLICK



     Here is a little flash script that shows a nice vertical crawl on the KingQuad--Pics Here-CLICK



     More riding at Croom  Pics Here-CLICK




     A couple friends and I went out to Ocala National Forest for some ATV Fun-Pics Here-CLICK




     The Family took a Vacation to Durhamtown Plantation, Georgia. This Place is FANTASTIC!!  

          Pics Here-CLICK






     We went out to Croom again  Pics Here-CLICK



     We went to The CCS Daytona/Biketoberfest Event  Pics Here-CLICK



     We went to Zhills today, Dirt Pics Here-CLICK



      More Dirt Pics From Croom  Pics Here-CLICK




     2007 Bike Week and AMA Races-Daytona, Fl  Pics Here-CLICK



      More Bikes and Parts for Sale -CLICK



     CCS Racing at Homestead 2.11.07 Pics Here-CLICK



     Steve's 03 CBR600RR Update Pics Here-CLICK



     Steve's 03 CBR600RR Update Pics Here-CLICK



     Steve's 03 CBR600RR Street/Track Project Pics Here-CLICK



     CCS Racing @ Homestead  Pics Here-CLICK



     Special Thanks to TSB for organizing the private track day at JGP - Pics Here-CLICK



     Back to JGP- Pics Here-CLICK



     More Fun at jGP- Pics Here-CLICK



     Good times at JGP today with the Seductive Cycles Guys and Girls  Pics here-CLICK



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      Bike Week 2006

     We had a good time at 2006 Bike Week. Pics here-CLICK



     We had a good ride today with TampaRacing and Seductive Cycles Pics and Vid here-CLICK



   QS&L Pics here-CLICK



     Dirt Riding at Crooms -Pics here-CLICK



     Here are a couple pics from Dirt Riding at Crooms -Pics here-CLICK



      Here are a couple pics from Dirt Riding-Pics here-CLICK



      Back to Jennings GP for the Intermediate Race School  Pics here-CLICK



      Off to Penguin Racing School to get the CCS requirements Pics here-CLICK



      Grand Opening @ Synergy Racing  CLICK


11.6.05 Back out to Jennings GP-Pics here-CLICK



     Well  here are some pics from a hard day at JenningsGP. Pics here-CLICK



    We  have some pics from the Coyote Ugly Benefit Bike Wash,  Pics here-CLICK



    It has been a long time since I went to QS&L, I went last night, Pics here-CLICK


    A fun track day at JenningsGP Pics here-CLICK


     The Seductive Cycles group went to Cooper's Park and had an incredible Tech/Track Day Pics here-CLICK



    I went To Jennings GP with the Busa....Yes, my Stretched and Slammed  "DragBike" I left a few guys behind -EVEN in the corners-check out the Pics here-CLICK



     Some Pics Of Scott's New paint job- Pics  here-CLICK

     The Beach House on Thurs Nights- Pics  here-CLICK



    We are scheduling a Gulf Run , details here-CLICK



   Some New pages added, I haven't had time to upload pics everytime I take them, so here are pics from-

    The Lot on 4.09.05-  w/pics from 41 -Pics  here-CLICK

    The Lot on 4.16.05-  w/pics from 41 -Pics  here-CLICK

    A new 05 Sprint ST for My Friend Ed -Pics  here-CLICK



  A few pics have been added to  Seductive Cycles Charity Ride page  Pics  here-CLICK

   I Started out on a Sunday morning ride only to be stopped by a flat tire  Pics  here-CLICK

   Got some pics from the 1/8 mile track on Wed night  Pics  here-CLICK



   Another night at The Lot, and afterward I caught a little close call on the Video Pics  here-CLICK



  A Night at the 1/8th mile Dragstrip nets 12 passes Pics  here-CLICK

  My New GSX600R Swingarm to be installed on my Busa Pics  here-CLICK



   A Couple Days in Daytona for the Races and the Fun- a TON of Pics  here-CLICK



   Another night out at "The Lot"  Pics here-CLICK



    A nice night leads to some fun times. We went out to the Lot, and after that headed out to what I was told  was "4th St". I don't know if that is what it actually was, but I got a couple crappy dark pics, I need to get agood flash for these kind of pics. Pics here-CLICK

   Sunday was Seductive Cycles' Picture Day. We all went out to the Courtney Campbell Causeway and took some great pics.  Pics here-CLICK



    QS&L Pics here-CLICK

    New Page Started- Racing -Pics here-CLICK

    Scott's Recovered CBR600RR -Pics here CLICK



    QS&L was packed tonite and the weatherwas nice. Pics here- CLICK 



    The Movie "Faster" had a one night showing at the Tampa Theater, We had the Place to ourselves. Pics here- CLICK 

    After the movie we headed over to the Lot.  Pics here- CLICK 



    QS&L pics as usual Pics here- CLICK 



   Sunday morning ride pics as usual, we headed out with Seductive Cycles, had a great time.   Pics here- CLICK

    I also finished a couple more mods to the Busa. Pics here- CLICK 



     I went out to QS&L as usual, took some pics, but it seems that my trusty digi cam is flaking out on me, I need a new one ASAP.

Anyway,  Pics here- CLICK



    I haven't been posting alot lately because I have been busy at work and with the family. But here are a few pics of mods done to the My Busa. I have to give a big thank you to Jack at  . The workmanship in his products is second to none. Here are a couple pics, and a step thru of some installation.  Pics here- CLICK



    Just a couple Pics from thew lot, there wer a few people there  and they kept showing up, even though it was getting colder by the minute.  Pics here- CLICK



    I have been really busy lately and had forgotten to post the pics from 

The Lot on 1.8.05.   Pics here- CLICK


    There is something that has finally come together that might be a nice addition to

 the Mods to be done to a Busa   Pics here- CLICK



    We went out to QS&L as usual and got some pics.- Pics here- CLICK



    Happy New Year to everyone!, I have been busy riding and not bringing the camera (oops). Well today was very , how shall I say, Eventful. The Sunday morning ride had some casualties (everyone seemed ok).  Pics here- CLICK 

 Afterwards I went by the Depot (our little safe stunt area) and met some other people who were using it for the same reason.  Pics here- CLICK



     I got a few calls from my friend Scott, who had his CBR600RR Stolen a few weeks ago, during the day today. When I stopped by work later in the day I found something that looked familiar. My exact bike, Scott loved the bike so much he went and got one for himself. Now there is a contest on to see who can mod their bike to to make it look different from the other guy's bike. I am just glad to see him back on a bike and shaking off the blues from having his first bike stolen.   Pics here- CLICK



       It was a bit cold as hell again this morning,  but a few HARDCORE riders took off from Marathon Gas Station for the usual Sunday Morning Ride. It was quite evident that law enforcement was out for blood today-  Pics here- CLICK

    Then, after some unexpected roadside delay. we headed out to QS&L for a look at the the Bike Bash-Pics here- CLICK



     It was a bit cold tonite, but that didn't stop The Seductive Cycles Club from having their monthly meeting- Pics here- CLICK

After the meeting a few of us went out to the lot. There weren't too many people out tonite but we had fun-  Pics here- CLICK

I got 2 nice peeks inside Daves CF Turbo Busa- Pics here- CLICK


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     Well, as many of you know, I have been trying to sell my YZF600R (still for sale-HERE). Well the kindness of friends has led me to purchase a new bike. So here are a couple pics for now, until the sun is shinning tomoro.  Pics here- CLICK



     Sunday Morning Rides- Another fantastic day for riding. We met up at the Marathon station and went north from there. It was a little cold ths morning but the weather warmed up real fast. Only a little drama when ctate fell over in some gravel, no damage but a good laff.    Pics here- CLICK



     Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Night, once again. I got a chance to ride a TL1000s out tonite. I'll post up in the forum about my impressions of the bike. I went with a few friends from the BMW/Triumph dealership and saw some of the Seductive Cycle guys and Met a couple guys from our own Tampa Bikers Forum.- Pics here- CLICK



    Sunday Morning Rides-What a NICE day! Perfect weather and temp. A few Seductive Cycle guys met up at 56th and Fletcher and we took off to the Hess station in Brooksville. DogboneR1 developed an engine problem and Took off back home putting TampaDucRider in the lead since he knew the roads. Then we met up with a bunch of the usual suspects from the Hess and went for some more riding. Lots of Fun.  Pics here- CLICK



STOLEN BIKE ALERT- Black 03 CBR600RR West Tampa Area- 3 bikes total stolen from same Apt complex on same night Details- CLICK



    A little rain and all of the sudden  no one seems to be able to find their keys.....Well, afew of us went out to QS&L and there was plenty of parking....hehe. It was nice to meet a couple new guys. It was also nice to see the older big brother to my YZF600R. There was a 97 YZF1000R parked right next to us. Khalis, a new guy who is a member of the website, made it out all the way from Plant City-In the Rain!. His 600R is a 97 and the same paint scheme as the 1000R that showed up.   Pics here- CLICK



     A Great cool night to take a ride with a bunch of really nice people. Scooter and H2Ocaver and one other rider met up with every one else after they had finished at Sonny's BBQ. We did a little ridin' and headed to the movies. What a spectacle we were. Thanks again to Seductive Cycles Club and DogBoneR1 for organizing this ride.   Pics here- CLICK



    After getting some mixed up directions, I finally hooked up with some riders in the Brooksville area

Had a great time, Nice people, sorry I missed the earlier ride Pics here- CLICK



     What a night, Whent to QS&L  Pics here- CLICK

    Had a chance to take a real close look at Dave's BADASS Busa  Pics here- CLICK

    Took some Pics of my practicing Wheelies and Stoppies   Pics here- CLICK



    Wow, what a fun day. We had a great ride down the gulf coast. Pics here- CLICK

We went out to "The Lot" and I and some others had our bikes Dyno'd. Pics here- CLICK



    Went to QS&L again, there were MX guys jumping and doing trick, some of the pics are too dark.

The Triumph Semi was there with a crapload of Rocket III's, All I can Say is  "WOW"! - CLICK



    It was great to meet all of u folks tonite, I know it was because I rode the Rocket III again. Man, that bike is a HUGE conversation piece!

Anyway, I hope y'all will come when we get the Coastal Ride organized. Here are the pics from tonite- CLICK



     A few friends and I went to Quaker Steak & Lube for a good time with lots of Bikes.

I met a bunch of really nice people and saw  bikes of every type. Here are Some Pics>> CLICK

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